Laughing Workshop

Laughing Workshop

Laughter for companies

A laughing workshop fits each and every occasion! Everyone can join a laughing workshop and almost all locations are suitable. Sanne will show you that you don’t need a specific reason to laugh. Her clear explanation and guidance is conductive to a very pleasant atmosphere, which helps people to easily open up and start laughing. In short, a laughing workshop is a very relaxing and exceptional experience.


The best moment to enjoy a laughing workshop is in the morning as the positive effects will then have an impact on the rest of the day. Of course an afternoon or evening session is also possible. The workshop consists of information about the principles and (health) benefits of laughing without a specific cause, facts about laughing, laughing exercises (both individual and in a group), and time for questions and answers. Of course, the content can be changed according to your own wishes. Just ask Alles Lach for the possibilities.


Almost all locations are suitable for a laughing workshop, but in case you need Alles Lach to suggest a fitting location, just let us know. Since the group dynamics are very important during a laughing workshop, a room with a pleasant atmosphere is key. Additionally, an area where people can freely move around (and not only sitting on chairs) is preferred as well. Lastly, a group of people, laughing, can get pretty loud! Please think beforehand who your neighbors are and whether they appreciate some happy sounds.


The price for one hour of laughter, up to 20 participants, is €245. Of course, more people are very welcome; we ask €10 for each additional participant.

Within Rotterdam, Alles Lach will not charge any travel costs; however, outside Rotterdam, we do. For each 30 minutes of travel we ask €25.

These amounts do not include 9% VAT, possible room rental and catering.

Alles Lach is open to payment in kind or trading. We even run sessions on a voluntary basis! However, a good laugh is worth a fortune, so your proposal or story needs to be impressive. We will decide whether your proposal goes up for these alternative possibilities.

Ask for the possibilties!

In short


Duration : 60 minutes (could be extended in consultation)
Location: Your own or a location suggested by Alles Lach (rented)
Price : € 245,- (excl. 9 % VAT & travel duration)
Participants: 10 to 20 people

Additional participants: €10/person

Ask for the possibilties!